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Technical SEO

Achieve smoother, speedier, and more technically sound website foundations with one-off or ongoing technical SEO consultancy

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO refers to the elements of your website that make it easier for bots to crawl and index. It covers advanced aspects of SEO relating to content discovery, indexing, page speed and user experience.

A way to understand technical SEO is to imagine a supermarket with gorgeous lighting and leafy vegetables. But as you explore, you find biscuits in the fridge section and a glass screen blocking your aisle. This hard-to-use layout is an example of bad technical SEO.

Using Technical SEO, you can remove invisible barriers and create helpful pathways to move quickly from page to page. Critically, we build these fast and accessible experiences in a way that makes logical sense to both bots and humans.

Why is Technical SEO important?

Technical SEO is the springboard to all of your marketing efforts. It creates a solid website foundation that naturally increases your rankings. Add quality content and link building on top? You’ll be set up for SEO success!

The specifics of your Technical SEO differ depending on your technology stack; the platforms and plugins you use to build your site. How you’ve structured the content on your site also dramatically impacts your technical foundation.

Focusing on Technical SEO as a whole is important, but it’s even more crucial to take a tailored approach to every website. That way, the focus will be on technical changes that matter and getting the best return on your SEO investment.

As a technical SEO consultant, I work with your team to identify opportunities, prioritise the fixes that will improve your revenue, and help your team to apply those changes.

Who are Technical SEO services most suited to?

A one-off technical audit will help you gain control over your site speed and organic visibility

Businesses unsure of their current site health​

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A one-off technical audit will help you gain control over your site speed and organic visibility
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Businesses with unsteady or stagnant organic rankings

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Ongoing technical SEO support will fix any underlying issues and kickstart your consistent organic growth
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Businesses with a strong content strategy hindered by their website’s technical SEO issues

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Ongoing technical support can prioritise your optimisation strategy to allow your most valuable content to start ranking first.
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Why choose me?

I  take the time to understand businesses and what makes their technical team tick. Using a professional yet personalised approach to every website, working with me will give you access to unique goal-orientated SEO recommendations.

With 5 years of advanced SEO auditing experience for household names through to small businesses, I’ve perfected the art of balancing short-term wins with long-term goals. Together, we’ll achieve results that will make you proud of your investment.


Technical SEO refers to the inner workings of your website that influence your organic ranking potential, such as site speed, security, URL structures, and schema.

Meanwhile, off-page SEO relates to less technical factors away from your on-page content, such as your Google My Business profile, social media pages, and incoming links.

  1. Use an audit to find what’s wrong with your website
  2. Prioritise your findings and recommendations
  3. Work with a developer to fix problems
  4. Re-audit your website once a year or after any major update


Ideally, hire an external SEO consultant who can look at your website with a fresh perspective and find new opportunities within your development team.