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Ecommerce SEO

Exponentially increase your store’s organic performance with UX & CRO-focused SEO consultancy

What is Ecommerce SEO?

When it’s done right, an Ecommerce SEO strategy makes it easier for your ideal customers to discover your store to increase organic transactions and revenue.

As an Ecommerce SEO Consultant, I work with your team to unite separate marketing disciplines, including technical SEO, user experience, keyword research, CRO, content optimisation & link building. Tailoring our strategy for each area of your site will ensure your pages appear for searches at their respective point in the customer’s journey.

Successful Ecommerce SEO sits at the intersection of multiple marketing disciplines

Ecommerce Content Management System
(CMS) Expertise

The Consultancy Process

Quality SEO takes your company vision as well as your business requirements into account.  To reveal your unique needs and wants, I use a tried, tested, and fully transparent consulting process that clients love:

The Chemistry Call

Faceless audits and recommendations won’t make your team passionate about your SEO. I act as an extension of your team, integrating myself to bring out the best in your SEO strategy.

The Proposal

A bespoke summary of the immediate SEO work and audits your business needs.

The Roadmap

The milestones, priorities, and tasks of the upcoming months.

The Real Work Begins

Support and guidance for your team for the best possible execution of the roadmap.

Increase your search engine rankings and grow your brand awareness and revenue

Why is Ecommerce SEO important?

Rank above competitors

There are many ways to grow your business, but your website is one of the few channels you own and control in its entirety. Strategic online store SEO will help you to consistently rank highly in search engine results against industry competitors.

Improve buyer trust

Audience and keyword research help you to build product-based pages that match user intent and reflect your products featured in the SERPs. Algorithm updates like the E-E-A-T, Page Experience, and from 2022, the Helpful Content Update emphasise creating user-friendly websites that improve buyer trust and confidence.

Be ahead of the game

Investing in Ecommerce SEO means you’re already ahead of all of these factors. And with time and investment, you’ll be amazed at how your visibility flourishes while protecting your market share from new competitors.

The Benefits of
Ecommerce SEO

Brand awareness and loyalty

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We focus on creating valuable and helpful content. Compared to cold adverts, content builds your brand and turns customers into advocates over time.

Better CRO & UX

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Search engines are increasingly prioritising customer experience. When you invest in Ecommerce SEO, you are also investing in your UX and CRO.

Sustainable visibility and traffic

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SEO is as much about protecting your visibility as it is growing it. With strong SEO foundations, your site will ride out any bumps in the algorithm while competitors sink.

Cost-effective customer acquisition

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One of SEO’s greatest strengths is its exponential return. Unlike ads which cost more over time, we can capture and defend your most competitive rankings in parallel with expanding them.

Why choose me?

In years of successful SEO, I’ve seen how websites, small and large differ from their tech stack to their customer journey to their market. Every business and website is unique, so I never take a “one size fits all” approach to Ecommerce SEO.

I take a personalised approach to each website, understanding its technical DNA and your audience to create a strategy no competitor can replicate.


In Ecommerce, SEO focuses on optimising content to be delivered at the right phase of the shopper’s journey in parallel with maximising user experience & conversion opportunities. For larger stores, technical SEO is also of utmost importance to ensure crawlability & indexability of pages that are essential for ranking.

The audit will include insights, opportunities & recommendations which can be passed over to the different teams (technical & content) to start implementing changes based on impact. There will be other findings which will be more applicable to incorporate into a task roadmap.

I talk my clients through what I’ve found, help them fill skill gaps and liaise with internal & external parties to execute recommendations in a timely manner. 

The time it takes to improve your SEO depends on how quickly you can create and implement SEO changes and how competitive the current market is. If your primary keywords are saturated, and you have a limited monthly budget, it can take over a year to gain a competitive position. If you’re ready to invest in SEO fully, we can usually see quick win changes start to take affect at the 3 to 6 month mark.

There is “no one-size-fits-all” way to increase organic traffic. The only given is to focus on taking a strategic approach. Look at your internal capabilities, competitor content gaps, technical foundation, and business targets, then build an SEO roadmap to achieve your goals.

SEO Consulting is when an experienced SEO practitioner analyses your business and makes strategic and informed recommendations to achieve your search marketing goals. They often work with your in-house team or agency to guide the implementation of those recommendations.

A good SEO Consultant will:

  • Undergo regular industry training
  • Charge in the hundreds per day, not tens
  • Provide full visibility of what they are doing each month
  • Maintain regular contact with you and your team
  • Invest time in understanding their clients
  • Specialise in SEO but understand the full marketing mix


I always take time to learn about my clients before committing to working together and provide a transparent report of my daily or weekly work. I also regularly attend events like BrightonSEO, analyse the latest Google releases, undertake regular training and re-take annual certifications.