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Fractional SEO Director

Harness senior SEO experience and knowledge with integrated part-time SEO Directorship

Why is fractional the way to go?

It’s the ultimate blend of high-level experience at an affordable capacity level to reach your SEO goals.

Choosing a fractional director over a basic freelancer allows us to work together and integrate SEO throughout your business operations. You can choose to bring in a fractional director at turning points such as a rebrand, or we can work together in a more general sense to solidify your SEO ambitions.

Fractional SEO Director

Fractional vs Full-time hire

Working with a fractional SEO in a part-time fashion can give you all the experience and growth you need at a fraction of the cost of a permanent hire.

If you’ve been curious about hiring for SEO, you’ve likely met this crossroads in your decision:

Hire a graduate and see little to no growth without significant costs for additional training

Hire an experienced SEO but take on a sizeable permanent cost and struggle to find the right fit

Key benefits of working with a Fractional SEO Director

Senior SEO knowledge

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Tap in to dependable SEO expertise honed through years of results

Tailored resource spend

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Only pay for hours to meet your internal needs

Effortless momentum and growth

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See snowballing results with little to no internal management

Service areas as a part time or interim Head of SEO

SEO directorship is as unique as the product or service it promotes, but some areas appear across the board.

SEO strategy definition

Taking on an existing strategy or crafting a new one using 8+ years of experience

SEO strategy implementation

Working with marketing and digital specialists to implement tactics efficiently

Business optimisation

Big-picture-thinking to solve business challenges and create cross-channel efficiencies

Working culture as a Fractional SEO Director

How we work together is essential to our success. 

I utilise an integrated approach, so while every relationship will work differently, I’ll never be a faceless email address. Instead I embed myself and as a result, SEO-centric thinking, into the fabric of your business. 

Where possible, I’ve brought together key stakeholders, UX, CRO, development, design, PR & content teams to craft a user-first approach to optimisation. In my experience, integration is how we create a strategy that benefits acquisition and engagement throughout all mediums, including direct and referral traffic. 

 My goal is to build a profitable SEO function that allows you to hire full-time. I’ll just ask for a glowing testimonial to find my next client!

Ready to learn more about my integrated working style?

Why choose me?

In years of successful SEO, I’ve seen how websites, small and large differ from their tech stack to their customer journey to their market. Every business and website is unique, so I never take a “one size fits all” approach to ecommerce SEO.

I take a personalised approach to each website, understanding its technical DNA and your audience to create a strategy no competitor can replicate.


Fractional SEO Directors or managers enter a company in a part-time capacity. It’s also possible for them to work to a specified short or mid-term timeframe, but this is better suited to a traditional freelancing set up. Fractional directors can create their SEO function or drive the growth of an existing department. Typically, they are highly experienced and able to take on complex assignments and growth goals.

SEO graduates are full of energy and ideas, making them great additions to any team. However, a lot of online misinformation encourages inexperienced graduates to spend time and effort on strategies that ultimately have little return.

If you wish for SEO to be a powerhouse in your business, invest in an experienced professional who can build a solid strategy. Once you have momentum in your SEO strategy, you can add graduates to assist while they learn about the nuances of search engine algorithms.