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Magento SEO Consultant

Magento SEO consultancy made for agile businesses: Increase your traffic, conversions, and bottom line

Magento SEO

Magento 2 (Adobe Commerce) stores are flexible and agile, meaning you can achieve anything with your SEO. Yet, with the world at your fingertips, it’s surprisingly hard to achieve anything that moves the needle forward in real business terms.

Let’s take action. End your decision paralysis, and let me define a focused plan to send your SEO strategy into overdrive.

Magento SEO Consultant

With me on board, my lifeblood will be to uncover and target the tactics that will reinvigorate your Magento site’s organic visibility

9 Years in the SEO Industry

Working on multiple Magento stores through the build, migration, and maintenance stages, I’ve learnt that approach is just as important as action.

Whether you’re dealing with one site or an estate of Magento stores, I work on a personal level with your team to define a strategy that fits perfectly into your team’s capacity and capabilities.

Together we’ll clarify and prioritise your goals and set a plan covering everything from blogging capabilities to stabilising your SEO foundations:

No gatekeeping: All SEO lessons shared with your team

Seamless collaboration: In-team working

No set and forget: Proactive, dependable consulting

Magento SEO Services

A full-stack strategic approach to SEO for Magento:

UX & CRO for Magento

Ongoing consultancy

User experience optimisation

 Conversion rate optimisation

Solution & action-focused SEO strategy

Holistic site audits

Tailored problem solving for your existing tech-stack

Backlink analysis

Magento SEO content & linking strategy

Product & category  keyword research

Magento content strategies

Structured data optimisation

Why invest in Luce over a software/AI tool?

AI tools may seem tempting, but let’s face it, business is never that simple. While AI tools make everyone’s job easier in many ways, these tools are programmed to follow the same criteria for everyone. So, you’re always in competition with a bunch of businesses using the same measuring stick.

As an SEO consultant, my experience helps me uncover the competitive edge your rivals and those AI tools are missing out on. That edge isn’t because I’ve stumbled upon some secret sauce others missed; we’ll succeed because I understand what makes your business unique on a human-to-human level.

The Consultancy Process

Quality SEO takes your company vision as well as your business requirements into account.  To reveal your unique needs and wants, I use a tried, tested, and fully transparent consulting process that clients love:

The Chemistry Call

I act as an extension of your team, integrating myself to bring out the best in your SEO strategy.

The Proposal

A bespoke summary of the immediate SEO work and audits your business needs.

The Roadmap

The milestones, priorities, and tasks of the upcoming months.

The Real Work Begins

Support and guidance for your team for the best possible execution of the roadmap.

Why choose me?

In years of successful SEO, I’ve seen how websites, small and large differ from their tech stack to their customer journey to their market. Every business and website is unique, so I never take a “one size fits all” approach to ecommerce SEO.

I take a personalised approach to each website, understanding its technical DNA and your audience to create a strategy no competitor can replicate.


The SEO of a Magento site works the same way as all other ecommerce platforms. Some settings are available out of the box, but to maximise your control over your organic reach you’ll require an SEO consultant & developer to design and code bespoke functionalities and configure strategic plug-ins.

The best plug-in for Magento is the one that gives more than it takes. More plug-ins slow your site and clog the user experience through features or slower load speed. I carefully select plugins that fulfil all the functionalities you need to correctly implement strategic, technical changes and enhance your store for a net benefit.

The more popular your niche and the faster you want to rank, the more budget you’ll require for your SEO strategy. However, we can achieve a ranking on almost any budget, provided you are willing to consistently commit to an SEO strategy over a one to two-year period.

It takes a few days for a page to be indexed and be possible to rank. The demand for your content in tandem with the quality and quantity of it will decrease the time it takes for your specific pages to rank. I help clients to focus on niched strategies and then build out to wider keywords to build compounding views over time.