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SEO Audits

Take control of your organic search results with an audit to explore and refine the foundation of your website

What is an SEO Audit?

SEO Audits drill down into the foundational elements of your website’s organic visibility; content, links, and technical SEO. 

An audit looks at these pillars in the context of your industry, your customers, and your business goals to understand its SEO health. How healthy it is, and how successfully and consistently your website is appearing for valuable keywords.  

Using a combination of manual checks and tools, I’ll uncover opportunities across your site and provide recommendations for where you’re missing a trick or three in your SEO.

SEO Audit

What does an SEO Audit contain?

A website SEO audit is a shortcut to getting out of the way of your own success. It’s the fastest way to make meaningful improvements to your website’s visibility. 

An audit gives clear descriptions of issues, opportunities, and where and how to act on them, all backed up by a transparent data-informed report.

Identify valuable SEO opportunities

Fix visibility-damaging issues across your website

Discover priority areas to investigate and improve on

Receive actionable technical SEO advice

Audit Deliverables

Audit presentation

An easy-to-consume audit presentation explaining the state of search in your industry and business. 

Technical checklist

A prioritised list of technical SEO issues with actionable recommendations, and why they are important.

12 month roadmap

A flexible plan for prioritising and implementing the audit findings as well as future opportunities for strategic investigation.

Following your initial audit, you may benefit from ongoing SEO consultancy to implement your full-picture strategy. We’ll discuss key recommendations and make a plan for implementation following your 12 Month Roadmap. 

Areas I’ll explore within the website audit


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Benchmarking the previous 12 months’ performance and the current SEO contribution to overall website traffic.

Technical SEO

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Highlighting issues affecting how bots and users interact with and understand your website.


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Benchmarking your content and keyword performance against your offering, industry, and competitors to unearth lucrative content gaps.


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Investigating your backlink health profile and link building opportunities against competitor data and approaches.

Industry Focus

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Focusing on elements of SEO specific to your industry such as ecommerce SEO, Local SEO, or International SEO.

Who is an audit most suited to?

I’d recommend an SEO audit if:

Your website has been built pre-launch in a staging environment

Your website went live without any SEO input

Your website has been live for 12+ months

My auditing also adapts to real business, so if you need multi-site audits or technical only, you’ll be in safe hands.

Why choose me?

SEO is a gold mine of organic opportunities.  If I could help every business in the world understand the potential SEO holds for their business, I would.

SEO isn’t just about keywords. It’s about building a solid digital footprint with a great user experience, filled with content more favoured by customers than you can imagine.

Plenty of SEO specialists have qualifications, myself included. Instead, I encourage you to work with me because of my transparent, bespoke and invested approach.

We’ll work together to understand your business, goals, and values before taking the valuable leap into creating personalised recommendations from your audit. You’ll get insight into the entire audit process because you know your business best. And that quality collaboration is what turns a good audit into a great one.


Software audits are a fantastic introduction to SEO for brands with small budgets. They reveal all of your foundational mistakes.

However, software reports are shallow. They look at a specific set of SEO fundamentals, nothing more, nothing less. They don’t consider your brand, business, local market or competitors. An SEO consultant will provide a tailored strategy and will consider SEO ranking factors in the context of your business; diving deeper into the areas that are most important for SEO success and your industry.

The audit will include insights, opportunities & recommendations which can be passed over to the different teams (technical & content) to start implementing changes based on impact. There will be other findings which will be more applicable to incorporate into a task roadmap.

I talk my clients through what I’ve found, help them fill skill gaps and liaise with internal & external parties to execute recommendations in a timely manner.