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Shopify SEO Consultant

Shopify SEO centred on your business mission for better organic ecommerce experiences and product sales

Shopify SEO

Shopify’s SEO features often feel elusive; there’s where you want to go and then there’s how on earth do we actually get there. 

As a Shopify SEO Consultant, I do the digging for brands to configure and extend their Shopify platform in a way that gives you SEO freedom.

In addition to optimising your structured data, load speeds, and more, we’ll outshine the competition by focusing on your brand’s mission and compounding returns over one-stop wins. 

No blanket Shopify audits. Begin a new chapter of your Shopify SEO journey today.

9 Years Of Experience At Your Fingertips

In the case of Shopify SEO, I’ve put my money where my mouth is. I experiment and pass winning formulas onto your store. More than that, I’ll teach your team about the SEO approach we’re taking so your team can benefit from knowledge and delivery experience.

In addition to my project, I bring nine years of SEO experience to your business. I use that experience to unpeel the layers of your business and store with discovery meetings and an SEO audit designed for your unique setup.

Tooled up with your unique business makeup and an understanding of your store setup, I work with your team or bring in experts to fill in skills gaps to deliver optimisations and reworks.

SEO learnings passed onto you

Collaborative & flexible workflow

Proactive, dependable SEO lead

Full-service SEO Consultant for Shopify

With your goals defined, together we’ll identify the services to get you there:

Solution & action-focused SEO strategy

Holistic Shopify audits

Deep technical audit of your Shopify website

Troubleshooting for known Shopify technical SEO challenges

Tailorored solutions to maximise organic search opportunities

Content, keywords & linking

Shopify UX improvements

CRO review & recommendations

Product & category keyword research

Content strategy

Structured data optimisation

Backlink analysis

Shopify themes & plugins

Theme review & configuration checks

Theme functionality recommendations & testing

Plugin vendor selection & streamlining

Plugin configuration & optimisation

Plus ongoing Shopify support for brands looking to maintain positioning or achieve continued long-term growth.

Why invest in Luce over a software/AI tool?

In today’s AI climate, I’ve found AI tools lack the human touch needed to adapt to each brand’s unique requirements. Unlike AI, which is programmed to complete a set of tasks, I can shift my approach based on the facts and nuances of your business. As such, I can achieve a holistic approach, balancing and maximising customer loyalty with organic traffic and conversions.

Say goodbye to the limitations of automation; let’s celebrate and harness your brand’s individuality to achieve success.

The Consultancy Process

Quality SEO takes your company vision as well as your business requirements into account.  To reveal your unique needs and wants, I use a tried, tested, and fully transparent consulting process that clients love:

The Chemistry Call

I act as an extension of your team, integrating myself to bring out the best in your SEO strategy.

The Proposal

A bespoke summary of the immediate SEO work and audits your business needs.

The Roadmap

The milestones, priorities, and tasks of the upcoming months.

The Real Work Begins

Support and guidance for your team for the best possible execution of the roadmap.

Why choose me?

In years of successful SEO, I’ve seen how websites, small and large differ from their tech stack to their customer journey to their market. Every business and website is unique, so I never take a “one size fits all” approach to ecommerce SEO.

I take a personalised approach to each website, understanding its technical DNA and your audience to create a strategy no competitor can replicate.


Depending on the foundation of your Shopify storefront, Shopify stores are often slow to load and respond to user requests. Their sluggish response time is down to two recurring factors:

Firstly, without heavy intervention by a developer, Shopify lacks design & functionality customisation features and restricts how users can engage & interact with your website.

Tackling this first challenge gives us our second. Shopify offers code-heavy plugins to accommodate additional functionalities, which once again slow down your website.

However, the right SEO professional can overcome these restrictions with clever techniques that overcome missing or non-optimised settings.

The best Shopify plugins require minimal requests and give you control over settings your original setup does not. Heavy non-customisable plug-ins will often slow your store down and pull your sales back more than they boost revenue.

As far as the available ecommerce platforms on the market go, Shopify has good customisable options considering it’s ease of use. However, the success of your SEO efforts depends on various factors, such as the quality of your content, keyword research, site structure, and backlinks. While Shopify can help with the technical aspects of SEO, the overall effectiveness of your SEO strategy depends more on your efforts and the quality of your website’s content.

Many Shopify sites consistently appear in the SERPs’ first results, including featured and rich snippets. However, being a Shopify site alone does not guarantee a ranking of any kind. Only quality and long-term investment in SEO can achieve ranking.