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WooCommerce SEO Consultant

Flexible WooCommerce SEO consultancy centred on collaboration and big-picture ecommerce growth

Take a strategic approach to WooCommerce SEO and nurture a never-ending funnel of customers who are ready to buy. 

Often, what sets businesses apart is their expertise and ability. With well-planned SEO, we can use your oodles of knowledge to reach customers throughout the buying funnel.


The combined power of WordPress & SEO can turn curious website visitors into loyal & committed customers

A proactive approach to WooCommerce SEO

WordPress, WooCommerce’s originator, was my goliath when entering the tech scene. Its unique ethos and all-round flexibility stole my heart and set me on the SEO path.

Self-taught in the ways of WordPress, combined with 8+ years of SEO experience, I understand the pains and trials of growing an ecommerce site.

This led to my working style: A fusion collaborative approach to SEO consulting.

I invest time in understanding the bones of your business, team, and product to find the root of any challenge and optimise your returns.

Together we’ll improve the health of your site for long-term stability before taking leaps and bounds to build your customer base and overall rankings.

WooCommerce SEO Services

A full-stack strategic approach to SEO for WooCommerce:

UX & CRO for WooCommerce

Ongoing consultancy

User experience optimisation

 Conversion rate optimisation

Solution & action-focused SEO strategy

Holistic site audits

Tailored problem solving for your existing tech-stack

Backlink analysis

WooCommerce content & linking strategy

Product & category  keyword research

Magento content strategies

Structured data optimisation

The Consultancy Process

Quality SEO takes your company vision as well as your business requirements into account.  To reveal your unique needs and wants, I use a tried, tested, and fully transparent consulting process that clients love:

The Chemistry Call

I act as an extension of your team, integrating myself to bring out the best in your SEO strategy.

The Proposal

A bespoke summary of the immediate SEO work and audits your business needs.

The Roadmap

The milestones, priorities, and tasks of the upcoming months.

The Real Work Begins

Support and guidance for your team for the best possible execution of the roadmap.

Why choose me?

In years of successful SEO, I’ve seen how websites, small and large differ from their tech stack to their customer journey to their market. Every business and website is unique, so I never take a “one size fits all” approach to ecommerce SEO.

I take a personalised approach to each website, understanding its technical DNA and your audience to create a strategy no competitor can replicate.


There are 3 core areas to your WooCommerce SEO: on-page, off-page, and technical. Begin by creating a roadmap so you use your resources efficiently and start in the correct place, typically your technical set-up. You can then improve your on-page and off-page strategy from a solid base. Learn about these areas of SEO online or work with an SEO consultant to benefit from their years of SEO experiments and experience.

A great WooCommerce plugin requires minimal requests and provides maximum returns for your visibility and revenue. Stay away from non-customisable plugins, as they often include unnecessary settings that slow down your store and can damage your sales rather than boost revenue.

WooCommerce offers great customisable options, which make it a strong contender against alternative ecommerce tools. However, it’s important to note that the success of your SEO endeavours relies on multiple factors, including the quality of your content, keyword research, site structure, and backlinks. While WooCommerce offers guidance for technical aspects of SEO, the result of your SEO strategy is pinned on your efforts and the calibre of your website’s content.